November 11, 2005

Jumping In...

Well, I created this account months ago and I figured I might as well post something otherwise it just goes to waste, y'know.

I'm a pretty good at keeping a regular daily journal, but aside from (increasingly infrequent) mass emails to friends, I'm not super big on putting my unfiltered thoughts out for public consumption. Buuuuut, I'm hoping the practice of doing just that will help me to write articles for (fingers-crossed) publication. Which is something that I definitely think will help me to grow in my career.

As stated in the title of this blog, I am a knowledge manager. I help organizations to develop and implement strategies for capturing and leveraging organizational knowledge. For me, it's an exciting career that combines my passion for organizational strategy with my social butterfly tendencies. For me the key to being a good knowledge manager is less about mastery of tech tools and discussions on intellecual property and more about understanding how people relate to one another.

Recently, I've begun working with a new company and I'm working overtime to get adjusted to the environment and clear new hurdles. I'm hoping this blog will serve as a sounding board for my frustrations and a clearinghouse for lessons learned in the line of duty.