July 18, 2006

KM Career Information/Resources

I was cleaning up my KM IE Favorites links today and came across some career resource information that I thought folks might find useful.

The International Center for Applied Studies in Information Technology at George Mason University has compiled a list of KM degree and certificate programs that can be found here. The site also features a list of KM-related dissertations (with downloadable topic list) as well as a list of priviate companies offering KM education.

Kent University, which offers an MSc in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management, offers a list of KM Careers and Resources (including professional organizations) to assist those interested in the field.

Although I've still yet to find any US search firms/recruiters that specialize in staffing KM positions - and by specialize I don't mean they've placed a couple of folks here and there - this article on recruiting brought UK-based TFPL to my attention. They focus on recruiting in four areas: KM, library & information management, records management, and web & content management.

Just a thought, I have seen the odd KM position (those leaning more towards knowledge librarians) posted by Library & Information Management recruiters, but I wonder if those agencies are the most ideal for recruiting KM positions, in general.


Mohamed Taher said...

I browsed your posts. They are very informative for any one who believes that knowledge sharing is a transferable skill, and certification or qualification is not the prime concern in the corporate culture. This is based on my exposure, as an outsider, of the KM world. Insiders, may agree on this!

You mentioned, Library & Information Management recruiters. Would you please let me know names of any such in KM perspective.
Best, Mohamed