January 17, 2010

Out of The Box - Week Ending 01/15

The Winter ALTA season is off to a fairly rocky start. We're at Week 3 and already we've had two weeks of weather-related delays and we've only managed to eek out 2 practice sessions. I'm hoping my team kills it this week to make up for the combined hot mess of Weeks 1 & 2. The only real advantage of no tennis today is that I got to spend the afternoon at Panera catching up on my reading...yay!!!

I've been digging up some new reading sources over the last few weeks with a slant towards some local publications to give Atlanta a bit more representation. This week's reads are a grab bag...no major themes.


Oh, and Happy Birthday to The First Lady too!!
  • Could bartering also work as a feasible strategy for improving knowledge sharing and building community in your organization?

  • Is your ego getting in the way of your effectiveness (or growth) as a Knowledge Manager

  • Quote of the Week: If you are not criticized, you may not be doing much. - Donald H. Rumsfeld. Not sure if Don's the right person to be making this statement, but I'm lovin' it nonetheless.

  • How To of the Week: I'd add some more non-compensatory options to the list of incentives, but there's some pretty good ideas here on How to Motivate Your Employees.

  • WTF of The Week: Avatar leading to depression? Really, people? Really!?!?!

  • Just a good old fashioned reminder not to be too obnoxious with all that blogging, tweeting, and online chatting you might be doing to build up your customer base