February 28, 2010

The Dog of War: Reflections on the Journey of a Future Knowledge Manager

I've been mad, crazy busy wrapping up the last few details of the Winter Mixed ALTA season (let's just say we'll remember the fun more than the losses), gearing up for the Spring Men's ALTA season (testosterone city, here I come) and prepping for the Golden Racquet Tournament (there can be only one...wining team, that is).

I thought I'd find some time to finish up my KM3.0 post (finally) but no such luck. Plus, I'm sure it didn't help that I went out to support my little brother's metal band, Machina Caelestis at their first show. As I tweeted all night, the space (Legends on Ralph David Abernathy) was amazing (I'm sure I'll rent it out for a future party) and the other bands had moments of goodness. I just wish my brother's band didn't get ripped off by the promoter, but these are the things you learn when you're barely out of high school trying to get your start in the music industry and I'll see to it that he does...learn from the experience.

Anywho, I was digging through my box of old school papers looking for an article on the Breakpoint model of change as part of some KM ROI research I'm doing when I came across one of the two "Reflections of a Future Knowledge Manager" critical reflections I wrote in grad school that inspired me to start this blog. As luck would have it, the folder with school papers is one of two that didn't synch up from my old harddrive so I'm busy trying to find a trained professional who can extract my cherished courework. In the meantime, I went ahead and re-typed it (which gave me a good excuse to clean up my horrible grammar...how did I get into grad school?).

Reading it again, after all these years, made me smile. I think the green is evident, but so is the passion.

I wonder, if I knew that I could be a millionaire by having a baby by 'fitty' would I have stayed on this path? Mmmmh, yeah. Having a rapper's kid has got to be a pain, just ask Kelis.
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