March 21, 2009

Out of The Box - Week Ending 03/20

I tell you, I feel so much better when I get to blog regularly. It really is therapeutic - not quite as much as cooking is, but being able to focus on things that matter to me, brain dump my thoughts, and perhaps engage in conversations with other like-minded folks is a huge honkin' stress reliever for me.

So, I'm dedicating this weekend to catching up on all of my neglected writing projects, beginning with this blog and I've just spent the last 2 1/2 hours sifting through some very cool articles, enough for at least 2 OOTB posts :) (so no excuses for not having a post next week).

Oy, where to start??

  • Marketing Sherpa (faithfully) offers up advice to assist with your KM Branding efforts. Check out their site and sign up for the weekly newsletter which gives you a full week to access and review articles before they get locked down to subscribers

  • Luxe Item of the Week: Honestly, it's a tie between Angelo Araneta's Diamond-studded chocolate cake and Diadema Diamante...personlly, I think the two go well together.

  • KM Crush Patrick Lambe posits an interesting question in his post on the Black Knowledge Economy (which, btw, is neither - sadly - influenced by my increasing self-importance in the world of KM or the election of President Obama).

  • Facebook Users Hate Redesign - Planning a redesign of your knowledgebase or Content management system? Read this article and this one too.

  • Celebrity Trend of the Week: Celebrity Theft - a recession tragedy!

  • Have an amazing marketing or advertising idea that could've changed the world, but went unappreciated an ignored? Submit it to Blurb’s Killed Ideas and share your brillance!

  • I don't know her personally, but Anne Mulcahy (Xerox Chairwoman and CEO) seems like my kinda least in this article.